Colorme Mint


The most versatile and intense temporary hair color available on the market.

Unique formulation allows you to add color over dark hair without bleaching.

Mascara style wand offers precise no mess application.


0.25 Oz 7.5 ml

Colorme mint temporary hair color offers the fastest way to create professional hi-fashion looks and touch-up or boost fading hair color. You will see and feel salon quality performance packed into each tube.  Application is quick, precise and vibrant on all hair shades and types. Gentle and conditioning formula washes out with your favorite shampoo.

Easy precise application.

No bleaching, No peroxide.

Blow dry in seconds.

No bleeding or oxidizing.

Use with styling tools.

No over spray or flaking.

Colorme mint temporary hair color holds between 1 and 3 shampoos depending on the level and condition of the hair it is applied onto.

For application techniques click here.


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